Today, Every organization is in the People Development Business.

You don't make products. You don't deliver services.

You can't have the growth and innovation you need without creating greater capacity. You can't hire all the capacity you need. 

You are a developer of people.

And those people deliver on your promise.  

In this rapidly changing and complex interdependent environment, you need scalable leadership transformation

Transformation comes from experiencing it, not talking about it.

It's physiological. 


About us:

We love this work

We are deeply passionate about leadership and business and what it means in the world 

We have long been fascinated by the amount of time we spend at work, and the lack of alignment there is around building an environment where humans flourish

We love to bear witness to that second you see someone's thinking expand....When you see them open to a new possibility

We love being a refuge for leaders who have no where to be vulnerable. To give them space for their humanity

We love working with teams who want to be different and just don't know how to break their own patterns

We love speaking to people who are hungry for inspiration, permission and change

We love helping foster the belief that we can build something better

We love the aha moment

We love reviving hope

We love showing new leaders how to move from managing themselves to inspiring work in others

We love to stand alongside someone whose bumped up against their growth edge

We love learning from all the people and experiences we've been so honored to serve 


Our Promise

When we say 'trusted partner', we like to get specific. 

We will never tell a partner they need something they don't in order to 'grow the relationship' or 'upsell' the contract. 

We will never take on work we know can best be done by others. 

We won't partner with you if it's not best for both of us. 

We make our decisions for the greater good and understand how it serves the long term vision of your organization. 

Anything less than this compromises our integrity. 



We partner best with people who: 

  • Can envision a different future than the one they are currently living in
  • Believe there is something better
  • Are willing to try out new ways of being
  • Share our brand integrity promise