"In the last 15 years the fit between challenges of the environment and the ability of the heroic individuals to solve them has started to diverge." - Ron Heifetz

Here are a few ways we create the conditions for thriving




We take the time to get a full read on the ecosystem where our clients live, so we can understand why their behavior makes sense in the current context. We use that knowledge to pinpoint optimized solutions that can help them be more successful. 

We often meet people at the place where the skills that made them successful no longer serve them in their new challenge. A transformational shift, rather than a technical gaining of skills, can help generate greater capacity amidst deeper complexity.



We want to know the unspoken commitments that bind people together...the things they implicitly reward...the interactions that hold up or break down their desired team culture. We use this understanding to intentionally re-engineer suboptimal working patterns and fuel the synergy of a group that is greater than the sum of its parts. 



We want the full picture. We believe in robust information gathering that goes beyond an assessment or an interview. We want to know how people see themselves in the work they do...and we want to see it in action. We will observe it 'live', sit in on meetings, listen in on calls. We want to know what's driving everyday behavior and how that lines up with your strategic intent.  We want to see what's really getting translated from paper to people, and what's getting reinforced. We want to see how the learning lands. 


The future of leadership is...








The greatest mistake in leadership has been trying to solve adaptive problems with technical solutions
— Ron Heifetz